18 April, 2009


Aviation Courses

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firefighting training

Firefighting and Helicopter Operating
To train Senior and Junior Ratings in all aspects of flight deck operations, aircraft fire fighting and aircraft crash rescue.

Download  Downloadable File: 02.01 Firefighting and Helicopter Operating (PDF) (201Kb)

fight deck training

Flight Deck Officer
To train Officers and Senior Ratings as Flight Deck Officers in single spot helicopter operating ships.

Download  Downloadable File: 02.02 Flight Deck Officer (PDF) (200Kb)

helicoptor control training

Helicopter Control Course (Transit)
To train Officers and Ratings of the Seaman/Operations specialisations in the non-tactical control of helicopters.

Download  Downloadable File: 02.03 Helicopter Control (Transit) (PDF) (249Kb)


Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)
To teach the principles of HUET and give confidence to aircrew and regular passengers in their ability to egress, (escape), from ditched helicopter.

Download  Downloadable File: 02.04 Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) (PDF) (249Kb)

cockpit of a helicoptor

Short Term Air Supply System (STASS) Air Crew
To teach the principles and use of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus to aid egress, (escape), from ditched helicopter.

Download  Downloadable File: 02.05 Short Term Air Supply System (STASS) Air Crew (PDF) (249Kb)

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