18 April, 2009


Safety in the Community

castle Making your home your castle… keeping burglars at bay
Make life difficult for the burglar. Most housebreaking crime is opportunity driven. If something looks worth having and there is a window open, then...

In nearly a quarter of burglaries no force is used. Take simple precautions and you can really lower the chance of coming home to find you are a victim of crime.

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And is your castle by the Sea?
Living in Naval Family Quarters (Service Families Accommodation), there are particular things regarding home security and taking care of your home which you may want to bear in mind.

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Not just 999! When to call the police
People living in local communities are always the first to notice something unusual. A terrorist may be targeting your area, or a military base near where you live. Often they leave tell tale signs such as strangers who watch on street corners or unmarked vans which arrive at night. The police, military and civil, are there to check out things like this that look suspect, but they do need to be told about it first.

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phone printTelephone and Mail Security
Many of us use phones, especially mobiles, all the time. They are a great way of keeping in touch, especially if you are alone at home with your partner away at sea, but others might be listening, so some care is needed. You may get nuisance calls at home and you need to be a little careful about letters too.

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Security for Children
We all want to keep our children as safe as possible, but even a secure home has natural hazards. Outside are busy streets, what if your children want to go off to visit a friend? How can children safely surf the net? Some safety tips for you and your child.

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woman holding hands over earsIf you can't get on with the noisy neighbours...
Well, you can always MOVE! But that may not be quite so easy, so here are some other thoughts.

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Is any form of regular and persistent harassment which you don't like or want. It doesn't just mean someone hanging around looking shifty.

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Protect your property...
There are a number of ways of marking your property to deter would-be thieves and to aid recovery.  One of them, which is highly recommended, and used, by Police Forces across the country, is called 'SmartWater'.

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