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Help with preparing for an interview
Getting invited to an interview means you've passed the first hurdle - great, your application must have made a good impression. Now you need to prepare yourself for the interview to make sure you don't waste the opportunity. Afterwards try to learn as much as you can from each interview. Aim to become more prepared and confident by looking for areas to improve and developing your stronger areas of performance. In this way you will increase your chance of getting that job. For more on interview preparation click the link:

website Web site: Job Centre Plus - Interview Preparation

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Interviewing Techniques - Hints & Guidelines
Being interviewed for a job can be frightening! What do you do when you end up face to face with a panel of people firing questions at you left, right and centre? To find out what can be done to prepare in advance for what can sometimes seem a real ordeal click the links below:

website Web site: Prospects UK - Applications & Interviews

website Web site: BBC Life Guide - Interview Techniques

website Web site: Fish 4 Jobs - Interview Techniques

website Web site: TFPL Recruitment - Interviewing Tips

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What the Government Suggests!
Directgov is the place to turn for the widest range of government information and services. You can search for job opportunities, check out different careers, get practical advice on job applications and interviews, and find out about training opportunities and New Deal schemes. As well as government departments, the site links through to relevant third parties which can offer additional trusted advice and support. For more information click the link.

website Web site: Directgov - Interview Techniques

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