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Naval Personal and Family Service & RM Welfare (Western Area)

Welcome to Naval Personal and Family Service and RM Welfare (Western Area).

West MapThe purpose of Naval Personal and Family Service (NPFS) and Royal Marine Welfare
NPFS and Royal Marine Welfare, Western Area, provides a comprehensive social work service to RN / RM personnel and their families. Our service covers Wales and Southern Ireland as well as the English counties west from Stafford, West Midlands and Dorset. NPFS offices are situated at HMS Drake, HMS Heron and HMS Seahawk. RM Welfare officers are attached to each individual unit.

info More Information: NPFS Interactive Map (Western Area)





How To Contact Us
To find out the contact details for all NPFS and RMW Offices in the Western Area follow the links below:

info More Information: Contact NPFS

info More Information: Contact RMW

Compassionate Leave Request
If the circumstances are such that it is necessary for you to apply for a Serving person's return on compassionate grounds (such as death in the family, serious illness or serious family crisis) then follow the links below as there are different procedures depending on where the Serving person is located:

info More Information: Compassionate leave RN

info More Information: Compassionate leave RM

Services Available
To find out detailed information on the wide range of services NPFS and RMW can provide then follow the links below:

info More Information: Social Work

info More Information: Community Work

info More Information: Advice Service

info More Information: Child Support Agency Clinic

info More Information: Legal Advice Officer Clinic

info More Information: Short Term Family Accommodation

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