18 April, 2009


Ministry of Defence Police - Western Area

Unit Beat Officer

MOD PoliceThe Ministry of Defence Police employs a Unit Beat Officer (UBO) who is assigned to the Service Families Accommodation Estates in Plymouth.

Constable Karl Cowling presently fills this position

Karl conducts regular daily patrols of these naval estates on foot or by car. He has daily contact with the Housing office, liaison with Devon & Cornwall Constabulary and Service Police, as well as attending the neighbourhood watch meetings.

The Ministry of Defence Police maintains 24 hr patrols of the Estates, in marked vehicles and are available to deal with most incidents, with any follow up enquiries conducted by your Unit Beat Officer.

The MOD Police will deal with non-urgent incidents and community queries.

Should you require an immediate Police response (when you are in danger or the offenders are still present) at anytime of the day or night, telephone 999. This will allow you to summon the assistance of other emergency services that you may require.

If your call is NOT urgent you should telephone,

Phone Icon Phone:01752 553384 - MOD POLICE

The MOD Police and the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary Area Beat Officers work closely together, sharing information as well as offices.

Should you wish to discuss a community issue or require advice, your MOD Police Beat Officer can be contacted as follows:

Phone Icon Phone: 01752 553384 (MOD Police Control Centre)

Phone Icon Phone: 01752 321201 (Answer machine out of office hours) (Unit Beat officer & Crime Prevention Officer)

Constable Cowling is a Qualified Crime Reduction Officer and is available on the above number to discuss your requirements.

The Ministry of Defence Police Marine Unit operates a 'Boat watch and Registration' scheme. These initiatives require the involvement of boat owners and sailing club members. For further information on either of the schemes ring and ask for the coordinators, Constables Chris Gibbs, or Steve Farnes.

Phone Icon Phone:01752 553384

Ministry of Defence Police Freephone Crime Line

The Ministry of Defence Police has a free phone crime line that they can be contacted on 24hrs a day 365 days a year, free of charge.  This enables residents to report any incident, crime or suspicious activity that may be occurring on the MOD estate. This is a confidential line and you will not have to give your name.  You will be speaking to a Police Officer.

Phone Icon Phone: 0800 7317350 - FREEPHONE   

"Policing the MOD estates in partnership with the community"


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