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There are certain benefits that you as the serving person may be entitled to claim by virtue of your immigration status. Your dependants, however, are not entitled to benefits beyond healthcare1 (see medical care). Entitlement to benefits is based on a many factors, however it is recommended that you apply to you local Benefits Office to seek further information and guidance.

Child Benefit
A monthly payment based on the number and ages of your children. It is important that claims are made as soon as your family arrives in the UK, as claims will only be backdated 3 months. Further details should be obtained from your local Department of Work and Pension (DWP) office.

Child Tax Credit (CTC)
The Child Tax Credit is the way that families get money for their children, and for some 16 to 18 year olds, and is based on your income. You can claim whether or not you are in work. It replaces existing benefits so that all families with income of up to £58,000 a year will be able to claim in the same way. It is the sailor's responsibility to make the claim on behalf of his/her dependants. For more information ask for leaflet WTC1 at any Post Office.

Working Tax Credit (WTC)
The Working Tax Credit is for people who are employed or self employed whose income is below a certain level. Families may therefore be entitled to both CTC and WTC. Again the sailor on behalf of his/her family can claim the WTC. It is claimed direct from the Inland Revenue. Claim form WTC1(R) is available from the Inland Revenue by telephoning.

Phone Icon Phone: in GB 0845 609 5000; in Northern Ireland 0845 609 7000; Overseas 00441253 500503

website Web site: HM Revenue and Customs

Sure Start Maternity Grants
Sure Start Maternity Grants help low income families with the cost associated with a new baby. In order to qualify for a grant you will be required to provide evidence of having received advice from a health professional on the health and welfare needs of the new baby and where appropriate, maternal health. To be eligible, the serving sailor's spouse must be in receipt of WTC. Claims can be made by completing a postal claim form SF 100 (Sure Start) obtainable from your local Department for Work and Pensions.

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