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Submarine Courses

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Basic Aural Basic Aural Analysis

To train Sonar Ratings the basics of Sonar Analysis.

Download Downloadable File: 16.01 Basic Aural Analysis (PDF) (308Kb)

Advanced Aural Advanced Aural Analysis

To train Senior Sonar Ratings detailed Aural Sonar Analysis.

Download Downloadable File: 16.02 Advanced Aural Analysis (PDF) (303Kb)

Basic LOFAR Basic LOFAR Analysis

To train Sonar Ratings the rudiments of LOFAR Sonar Analysis.

Download Downloadable File: 16.03 Basic LOFAR Analysis (PDF) (307Kb)

Advanced LOFAR First Lieutenant

To train Submarine First Lieutenants to carry out the duties of Attack Coordinator in an SSK.

Download Downloadable File: 16.04 First Lieutenant (PDF) (308Kb)

International Submarine EscapeBasic Submarine Escape Training Course
To train personnel in the buoyant exhaling and hooded methods of escape from Submarines USING AN SEIE suit.

Download Downloadable File: 16.05 Basic Submarine Escape Training Course (PDF) (269kb)

Junior/Senior Rate Foundation Junior/Senior Rate Foundation

To train Ratings of all specialisations the rudiments of submarine systems, submarine safety, and submarine routines.

Download Downloadable File: 16.07 Junior/Senior Rate Foundation (PDF) (397Kb)

Basic LOFAR Officers Basic Warfare

To train Officers of all specialisations in the rudiments of submarine operations.

Download Downloadable File: 16.08 Officers Basic Warfare (PDF) (308Kb)

Submarine Escape Training InterpretersSubmarine Escape Training Interpreters' Course
To familiarise selected Submarine Personnel with the text of demonstrations and lectures so that they may be translated easily into the sponsor Nation's language. To train personnel in buoyant exhaling and hooded methods of escape from submarines.

Download Downloadable File: 16.09 Submarine Escape Training Interpreters’ Course (PDF) (270Kb)

Basic LOFAR Submarine Escape Training - Escape Instructor
To train course candidates to be competent in all aspects of the Senior Suvivors Role in a Submarine Escape and Rescue Situation, in the operation of the SEIE for Tower and Compartment Escape, to safely conduct an unmanned run of the Escape Tower, be competent in giving the Escape Tower safety brief.

Downloadable File: 16.11 Escape Instructor  (PDF) (269Kb)

Advanced LOFARSubmarine Escape Training - Escape Instructor (Advanced)

To train course candidates to be competent to conduct all operations, drills and procedures of an escape tower, that are required to control all events for a live escape exercise at sea, from a submarine.

Downloadable File: 16.13 Escape Instructor (Advanced) (PDF) (293Kb)


Exit and Re-Entry

To familiarise selected Special Forces personnel in the basic techniques of Exit and Re-Entry from Submarines under controlled conditions, in preparation for sea training.

Downloadable File: 16.16 Exit and Re-Entry (PDF) (157Kb)

Submarine Medical Standards Submarine Medical Standards

Submarine escape training involves hyperbaric exposures of up to 4 bar with a rapid decompression phase.

Download Downloadable File: 16.17 Submarines Medical Standards (PDF) (40Kb)

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