18 April, 2009


Deployment Adjustment Stages

Stage 1 Duration
Anticipation of Loss 1-6 weeks before deployment
Stage 2
Detachment and withdrawal Last week before deployment
During deployment
Stage 3
Emotional Disorganisation First 6 weeks of deployment
Stage 4
Recovery and Stabilisation Occurs between stages 3 and 5; of variable duration
Stage 5
Anticipation of homecoming Six weeks before end of deployment
Stage 6
Renegotiation of Marriage contract Six weeks after end of deployment
Stage 7
Reintegration and stabilisation Six weeks after end of deployment

Only the outline of the model is included above. The symptoms and behaviours are described in the article.

The Emotional Cycle of Deployment by Kathleen Vestel Logan was first published in US Naval Proceedings in February 1987. The report has been updated by DNSC in Portsmouth (March 2000).

Additional copies of this report may be obtained through the Advice Service and Area NPFS Offices.

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  • Naval Personal and Family Service (NPFS)/RM Welfare
  • Advice Service
  • Confidential Supportline

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