18 April, 2009


Joint Personnel Administration (JPA)

So the new pay system JPA is here and with us at last but for some of you who have service loved ones away on deployment this may be an anxious time.

First Aid

Here are some tips you may wish to consider:

  • Encourage your loved one to check their online pay statement for accuracy (There will be self-service stations in each unit – even those in conflict zones will have access when they return to rear HQs). In the event of concerns only the service person can raise queries either through self-service help their unit Human Resources personnel or the JPAC Enquiry Centre (but a little home based persuasion often goes a long way!)

  • Early contact with your bank to inform them of a potential problem with pay roll credit may be prudent This will allow you to arrange for overdraft facilities the honouring of regular payments (direct debits etc.) and the avoidance of bank charges.

  • Finally maintain regular communication with your loved one to ensure you are aware of changes to their pay arrangements and any effect it may have on you and your family.

  • Remember if you do incur unexpected costs due to bank fees etc as a direct result of the JPA changes you will be able to make a case to unit personnel human resource staff for full recovery.

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