18 April, 2009


Northern Area Community Information | Crime Prevention

Dog Fouling
Dog Fouling continues to be a problem within the local Community with a small minority quite happy to spoil the environment for others.

If you wish to take action against a dog owner who has not cleaned up after their dog, you should not what you have seen and report it to the local authorities. Dog Warden Service, Argyll & Bute Council, Operational Services, Blairvadach, Shandon, Helensburgh. Poop Scoop are available from various outlets including The Pet Shop at 39 Sinclair St. Helensburgh at prices ranging from £2.95 to £12.26.

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 658901

Stray Dogs
What is a Stray Dog? Any dog loose in a public place with no person obviously responsible for it may be considered a stray. It is then the duty of the Dog Warden to seize the dog. If the dog has previously been uplifted by the warden, it will be taken to the nearest boarding kennels available to the warden and detained until the dog is claimed. Before you reclaim your dog you must visit your local Area Office. to pay the appropriate fine and receive a receipt before your dog will be released from the kennels. Enquiries and payments for detained dogs are only available during normal Area Office hours. If the dog remains unclaimed after seven calendar days it becomes the responsibility of Argyll and Bute Council, who then will rehome the dog wherever possible. However, if the dog is not rehomed or unsuitable for rehoming Argyll and Bute Council has the discretion to humanely destroy the animal. Please be aware that kennelling charges may be a significant sum dependent on the duration of the dogs stay.

Legal Requirement. It is legally required for all dogs to wear a collar and identification tag, which gives the name and contact details of the owner.

Neighbourhood Watch
For the neighbour watch scheme to continue with any success we must have volunteer coordinators.

If you would like to find out more about what is involved without obligation call Graham Hanson or Arthur Ross on the numbers below.

Damage To Playpark
There has recently been some damage to the Galleon located in the new Playpark in Churchill Square. Could parents please remind children to treat the area and play equipment with respect. If you witness any vandalism in the Square please report it to the Police on the numbers below.

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 673452 - L/Reg Graham Hanson, RN Service Police

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 678046 - PC Arthur Ross, Ministry of Defence Police

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 633600 - Helensburgh Police Office

Phone Icon Phone: 0800 555 111 - Crimestoppers

The ICE concept was the brainchild of Cambridge based Paramedic Mr Bob Brotchie, who works for the East Anglian Ambulance NHS Trust. He discovered in the course of his work that most accident victims carry no next of kin details, yet over 80% carry a Mobile Telephone.

There is no easier way of letting the emergency services know who to contact should you be involved in an accident than by using ICE.

Standing for In Case of Emergency, ICE will allow Ambulance crews and Police Officers to quickly contact a nominated person who can be informed of the incident.

  • Type the acronym ICE followed by a contact name (for example, ICE - Mum or ICE - David) into the address book of your Mobile Phone.

  • Save their Telephone Number.

  • Tell your ICE contact that you have nominated them.

ICE Advice

Follow these hints to get the best out of ICE:

  • Make sure the person whose name and number you are giving has agreed to be your ICE partner.

  • Make sure your ICE partner has a list of people they should contact on your behalf - including your place of work.

  • Make sure your ICE partner's number is one that is easy to contact.

  • Make sure your ICE partner knows of any medical conditions that could affect your emergency treatment.

  • Make sure that if you are under 18, your ICE partner is a parent or guardian authorised to make a decision on your behalf.


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