18 April, 2009

Combined Cadet Force (RN) Syllabus

Topics and Activities for the CCF (RN) Proficiency Certificate

Strand Subject Area Topic
*Required for AB status
Study Time Req. Reference
Aims Objectives and Training I 0.1
CCF (RN) 2001 Syllabus I 0.2
1 Individual
Correct Wearing of CCF Uniform* 2hrs P1.1
  Basic Naval Squad Drill* 3hrs P1.2
  • Phonetic Alphabet, taking and passing on messages.
1hr P1.3
Total: 6hrs

2 RN Knowledge
Aim and Organisation of the CCF* 1hr P2.1
Role of the Royal Navy* 45mins P2.2
Affiliated Ship* 45mins P2.3
    Parent Establishment* 45mins P2.4
RN Ranks and Rates* 45mins P2.5
  RN Customs* 45mins P2.6
Air Rifle / 0.22 Shooting 4hrs P2.7
Total: 8hrs 45mins

3 Activity Afloat
Swimming Assessment and Buoyancy Aid Familiarisation
  • including pool session and Naval Swimming Test
2hrs P3.1
Afloat Training - Minimum 5 hrs to be logged 5hrs P3.2
  Level 1 Theory
Elementary Rule of the Road 45mins P3.3
Sources of Weather Information 45mins P3.4
  Clothing and Equipment 30mins P3.5
Rope work - To include:
  • Fastening to a cleat
  • Figure of eight
  • Bowline
  • Round turn and two half hitches
1hr 30mins P3.6
    Total: 10hrs 30mins

4 Adventure Training
Map and Compass 5hrs 30mins P4.1
Basic First Aid 5hrs P4.2
  Basic Expedition Skills 4hrs 30mins P4.3
      Total: 15hrs
  Possible Qualification: RYA Level 1 / BCU 1 Star.

  • A 24hr Expedition is required to be completed by each cadet.
  • Possible Qualification: Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition.
24hrs P4.4

The total time requirement for completion of this syllabus is approximately 40hrs study, plus a 24hr Expedition.

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