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1sl_flag_hoistFirst Sea Lord's Flag Hoist

This pamphlet offers a summary of my vision for the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary and sets out my priorities.  I expect you to read it and understand the key points so that you can apply that understanding in your daily work and are able to talk knowledgably about the issuses.

Download  First Sea Lord's Flag Hoist (PDF)

Royal Navy Organisation and Management

info For information about how the Royal Navy is managed and details of senior officers click here.

Royal Navy 'Two-Six' Video

Two Six

'Two-Six' is the Internal Communications (IC) DVD for the Naval Service. In conjunction with other formal IC channels, it aims to do the following:

  • Keep Naval and Royal Marines personnel and their families properly informed
  • Support effective leadership and management of the RN
  • Assist the maintenance of morale and fighting effectiveness through strengthened ethos
  • Address the concerns and issues of RN personnel and provide answers

Sound RN Two-Six Video - December 2008
Sound RN Two-Six Video - October 2008
Sound RN Two-Six Video - July 2008
Sound RN Two-Six Video - March 2008

Sound RN Two-Six - Oct 07 (RNcom & WAGAMADS film only)

Please note: All videos require either Windows Media Player or Quicktime. Latest versions are recommended. Click here to download the most recent Windows Media player. Click here to download the most recent player for Quicktime. Windows Media Player is recommended for MOD EGS users.

Click here to open Broadsheet 2009Broadsheet 2009

A Year In Focus

The Royal Navy’s annual publication, reporting on global contributions to joint operations, significant deployments, capability and support updates and highlights of a number of anniversaries celebrated in the last year is now available in Emag format and PDF on the Royal Navy website.

website  Broadsheet 2009

Personnel Support Briefs

PSB Spring 09Naval Life Management Personnel Support Briefs are for all Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families. They are produced by the Divisional and Regimental Support Team three times a year and are a really valuable way of keeping up to date with change on the personnel and families front.

Download Personnel Support Brief - Spring 2009 (PDF) (3Mb)

Previous editions:

Download  Personnel Support Brief - Autumn 08 (PDF)
Download  Personnel Support Brief - Summer 08 (PDF)

Fleet Bridge Card

Download  Bridge Card - 27 Feb 09 (PDF)

Personnel Functional Standards

Download   Personnel Functional Standards (PDF)

Leadership in the Office

Download   Royal Navy Leadership in the Office Booklet (PDF)

Navy News

info More Information: Navy News

Communication Planning Tool (CPT)Communication Planning Tool (CPT)

website Web site: RN Communication Planning Tool

This is a password protected application available to authorised users only.

BR11 - The Manual of Military Law

The previously issued paper copy of BR 11, Change 14/14A, should be taken out of use and destroyed once access is gained to the August 2008 electronic version.

info More Information: BR11 - The Manual of Military Law

Welfare Publications
Welfare related publications and guides available to naval personnel and their families.

Download Downloadable File: NPFS Area Guide (PDF) (237Kb)
Download Downloadable File: Next of Kin Leaflet (PDF) (97Kb)
Download Downloadable File: Coming Home Booklet (PDF) (201 Kb)

Navy List
The Navy List is available to service personnel on the MOD Intranet. It can also be purchased from the Stationery Office at the following link.

website Web Site: The Stationery Office

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