18 April, 2009


Queen's Harbour Master (QHM) Plymouth

QHMThe Dockyard Port of Plymouth is under the statutory control of the Queen's Harbour Master (QHM), Plymouth. The majority of the traffic in the port is either military or military support; the port serves the biggest Naval Base in Western Europe, with base ported vessels including nuclear submarines and large warships, and a large number of visiting ships receiving Operational Sea Training. On the commercial side Brittany Ferries conduct 500 or so movements a year to and from ABP Millbay, while the commercial wharves in the Cattewater see Devon and Cornwall's fuel, as well as many other cargos, being moved. There is a healthy commercial commuter and tour craft trade, while the recreational sector is lively, with 5 marinas, many water access points and clubs. Activity ranges from high profile and risk events such as offshore powerboat Grand Prix, through international sailing championships and local races to individual sailors, rowers, canoeists, divers, surfers and swimmers. The aim of QHM is to facilitate and de-conflict legitimate activity to the benefit of all, where possible.
This website is intended as an open information source for all users of the port, and those interested in waterborne activity. The aim is to provide data for those who seek it, rather than issue unwanted information to potential users. As such, it acts as a tool to assist in the understanding of potential conflicts afloat, and their mitigation. Of particular note is that the website leads to the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order (DPPO) 1999, which details what may be done, and what may not be done, in the port - please read it. The DPPO is also available on signs at slipways.

All of the information offered is as up to date as we can make it, and the date of change is shown on the respective sections. A very safe, successful and enjoyable time afloat within the port, whatever your activity.

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