18 April, 2009


Northern Area Community Information

The Chaplains are here to serve the wide Naval Community. We are available for the usual round of services and sacraments, like baptisms, confirmations, weddings, confessions and sadly sometimes funerals. But we also provide a listening ear, a friendly shoulder, complete confidentiality in all things and a refreshingly different view of life.

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Childcare is available in various forms, be it pre-school, after school, childminders etc. Details available from local HIVE or NPFS/RMW Advice Service within the Families Centre.

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Community Centres
The Drumfork Club and Families Centre offer facilities and numerous groups, clubs and activities for Service Families and local Community. Also available for Boats/Ships functions.

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Community Learning
There are various learning opportunities available locally supported by HMNB Clyde, Clydebank College, Argyll & Bute Community Education and local groups.

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Crime Prevention
All three Police Services, Strathclyde, MOD and Service work together with the local communities to improve crime prevention through education and communication.

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What's happening in the local Community?

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HIVE Information Centres
A large number of Armed Forces locations are supported by HIVE Information Centres staffed by fully trained Information Officers. Faslane HIVE is located within the Families Centre, Churchill Square, Helensburgh.

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Here at the Sportsdrome we have lots of great facilities...

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