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Career Transition Partnership

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Who are CTP?
The Career Transition Partnership is a partnering arrangement between Right Management Consultants and the Ministry of Defence to successfully deliver enhanced resettlement services to all ranks and rates from the Armed Forces.

CTP offer a range of workshops, courses and career guidance. A mix of one to one advice, consultancy and online services are provided to ensure you make the most of the resources available to you, and to suit people's differing learning styles.

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There are ten Regional Resettlement Centres (RRCs) in military bases across the UK and Germany. As well as a dedicated resettlement training centre and access to Employment Consultants in the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA), CTP provides you with a unique opportunity to take stock, maybe change direction, and gain the support and guidance you need to make the most of the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead. To check the locality of a centre near you click the link:

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Skills & Training Advice
Resettlement training is an opportunity to acquire civilian qualifications, update existing skills or learn new ones relevant to the job sought. The CTP aims to provide advice, information and guidance to help you choose the training that will be most valuable. Resettlement training can be undertaken at the following providers:

  • The Resettlement Training Centre at Aldershot,
  • One of many "Preferred Suppliers" of training throughout the UK.
  • Another civilian training provider.

The advantage of RTC and Preferred supplier courses is that they are tailored specifically for Service leavers and most courses are designed with civilian employers in mind, many leading to recognised qualifications. All Regional Resettlement Centres will have information on training courses and training providers.

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Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA)

Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA)
RFEA is a nationwide charity founded in 1885 and partly funded through an annual Government grant and donations from the Services' benevolent funds. The RFEA has objectives to assist ex-regular Service Persons to find employment throughout their working life and offer employers access to staff they can rely on. For information on eligibility and to register click the link:

website Web site: Regular Forces Employment Association

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