18 April, 2009


Financial Advice

In a society where rising debt is an increasing concern, it is important that everybody understands both their finances and what financial advice is available to help them. The following pages are intended to give basic guidance to all Royal Navy members and their families on where financial information and advice can be obtained.

foldersNeed help with budgeting your finances?
The information in this section is provided as a self-help guide on managing your own finances. It deals with such issues as planning and keeping a budget, and how to handle credit.

website Web site: Consumer Credit Counselling Service Budget Advice

website Web site: Financial Planning

Phone Icon Web site: Financial Planning Quiz

website Web site: Personal Budget Calculator

past due folderWhen things start to go wrong
Starting to lose control of your finances? The information below is provided to help deal with personal debt, and gives practical steps to help regain control of your financial situation.

website Web site: Dealing with Personal Debt

website Web site: CCCS Debtcheck

website Web site: National Debtline

website Web site: FCL Debt Advice

If you feel that gambling is a major cause of your financial problems then contact Gamblers anonymous below for advice and support plus a 24 hour Help Line number.

website Web site: Gamblers Anonymous

insurance papersWhat about Insurances?
Insurance, whether it is for your possessions, to provide for unexpected death, or for a long-term investment, can be a sound proposition. However, it is important that you take out the right policy for you. Listed below are organisations, which can either give you advice on the suitability of your policy or are MOD approved providers.

website Web site: Service Insurance and Investment Advisory Panel (SIIAP)

website Web site: Armed Forces Financial Advisory Service (AFFAS)

website Web site: Personal Accident Insurance (PAX)

website Web site: Service Life Insurance

advice, helpNeed some Consumer Advice?
This Section is provided to give you some general advice on those consumer issues, which cause the most concerns, such as food, holidays, cars, house-improvements, money and finance.

website Web site: The Consumer Direct

website Web site: FSA booklets and Factsheets

White Ensign Association White Ensign Association (Officers, Ratings and Families)
Set up over forty years ago by Lord Mountbatten to provide help and advice to all RN/RM and RNR/RMR personnel and their families. It is a source of free and unbiased help on all matters of personal finance. Should you have concerns over savings, investments, loans, pensions, house purchase or debt you should feel free to discuss your problems with someone from the Association. They are not in the business of selling anything. They are a charity dedicated to providing advice and help on many of the matters that come out of running a home and family.

Phone Icon Phone: 020 7407 8658 | Mil: 9621 81945

 Further Help and Advice

info More Information: Charities and Funds 

info More Information: NPFS and RM Welfare


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