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gavelThe law is a complex and confusing subject and many of us shy away from anything overly complicated to do with the it. Yet, in the UK and overseas, whatever your status, you are subject to all the provisions of the law. The law affects our lives in many ways, be it family law in a divorce, criminal law if you get caught speeding, or property law when you move house. Use of lawyers and barristers can be very expensive, and people often feel that they don't know where to go, or who to speak to. Therefore it may be useful to consider some specific questions as well.


Financial Advice
In a society where rising debt is an increasing concern, it is important that everybody understands both their finances and what financial advice is available to help them. The following pages are intended to give basic guidance to all Royal Navy members and their families on where financial information and advice can be obtained.

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Where can I get Legal Advice?
There are many sources of advice you can access: Service Legal Aid Officers, Forces Law, civilian Legal Aid, the Citizens Advice Bureau or you can simply dip into your local Yellow Pages. If you know where to go, some legal advice can be free!

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What do I need to do to get married?
Although there is no requirement to request permission to get married from your Commanding Officer there are things you do still need to do as a Serving person.

What are the legal requirements and formalities you need to complete for a snag free wedding and where can you get the best, most accurate information?

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Pregnancy, Work & Your Rights...
It is important that you have a good understanding of all your rights, leave entitlements, benefits and responsibilities that apply before and after your baby has been born. The provisions that have been put into place by successive Governments are extensive and have a major impact on all new families.

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Making a Will
Anyone can make a will. You don't have to make a will, but experts do advise us to do so. By making a will you will be able to set out who is to benefit from your property and possessions ('your estate') after your death.

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What do I do if I get into Debt?
First of all DON'T PANIC! People borrow money every day, however difficulties frequently arise when you are unable to manage your debts or keep up with payments. If you feel overwhelmed by your finances, or are finding it difficult to keep up with payments, there is help at hand.

The first step to solving your financial difficulties is recognising and admitting there is a problem. After this there are numerous organisations that are available to help you take control of your money, these include...

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We're separating, how long can I stay in the Family Quarter?
For most individuals, the end of their marriage is a highly stressful time. This can be made worse if your housing is not guaranteed, or if you have to relocate against your will. This is particularly the case if you live in a Family Quarter. Family Quarters are licensed to the serving person and based on their eligibility. This doesn't mean the family will be evicted immediately, Defence Estates - Housing will endeavour to ensure you are supported, and assisted through your change in circumstance.

info More Information: Family Quarters and Marital Breakdown

The Naval Discipline Act and Service Legal Information
What is the Naval Discipline Act and who is affected by it? What are the important differences and consequences of Summary Punishment and Court-Martial?

All Royal Navy / Royal Marines personnel come under the Naval Discipline Act and this Act has important implications for all Service families at home and abroad.

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