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Gibraltar picThe Rock of Gibraltar sits at the southernmost tip of Europe with a land frontier to Spain on its northern front. It covers a land area of about six square kilometres, overlooking the Strait to Africa. The stretch of water that separates Gibraltar from North Africa is called the Strait of Gibraltar and throughout history has played a strategic part in battles fought and won to control the western Mediterranean seaways. Intrinsically linked with the sea, Gibraltar is one of the busiest Ports of Call in the Mediterranean.

When you first see the Rock of Gibraltar, towering isolated above the surrounding countryside, will leave you with an unforgettable impression. It has had this effect on people for many thousands of years.

Steeped in history dating back to the glacial period, Gibraltar's past and highlights include: St Michael’s Cave, the Barbary Apes’ den, the Moorish Castle and the City Under Siege exhibition.

Almost totally surrounded by sea, Gibraltar has five beaches - Catalan Bay, Camp Bay, Eastern Beach, Sandy Bay and Little Bay. Water sports play a large part in Gibraltarian life and centre around its three marinas, Sheppard’s Marina, Marina Bay and Queensway Quay Marina. Diving, sailing and dolphin watching are widely enjoyed.

It is a VAT exempt jurisdiction that means its shopping experience for items such as tobacco, cosmetics, perfumery, spirits, jewellery and electrical goods, is one of the cheapest in Europe. The sub-tropical climate is warm and welcoming throughout the year. The local people smile their welcome with friendly charm borne from a blend of many cultures united in a unique community.

Spain, on your doorstep, and Morocco are good options once you have exhausted all the sightseeing in Gibraltar itself. They offer an extraordinary array of interesting places, waiting to be discovered. Our neighbouring town, La Linea is 2 minutes walk across the border. You will have opportunity to visit Marbella, Malaga, Seville, and Granada, just to name a few, all within easy reach of Gibraltar.

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