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Finding a good school for your child is a top priority. And making the most of your own skills and abilities comes a close second. The Services take education seriously, not only because it is a government priority, but also because it is in its own best interests to do so. These pages offer a guide to learning for all ages inside and outside the Navy.

girlMoving School
Moving to a new area? Having to change the children's school? Are family and friends too far way to advise? Hardly a new problem for a Naval parent but a major headache all the same. So whom can you call? A good place to start is the Children's Education Advisory Service...

info More Information: More on Schools Admission & Appeals

teacherAdult Education
Thinking about an evening class or going back to college? Need more qualifications to gain advancement at work? Try...

info More Information: Adult Education

Boarding Schools
Most Naval families move home together, and so children go to new local schools. Some parents, however, prefer to enrol their children into live-in boarding schools to ensure continuity.

info More Information: Boarding School Education

Help with fees
The Navy gives an allowance for boarding schools...

info More Information: Boarding School Education

whyWhy aren't school places available?
You are told the school you have chosen is 'over subscribed'. What does this mean? And how you can appeal...

info More Information: More on Schools Admission & Appeals

Having a child with Special Educational Needs
Having a child with Special Educational Needs can be a real challenge. Simply gaining recognition of a suspected problem can seem to take forever. This is extra frustrating when you know that you may have to relocate to another area but the Navy does recognise this...

info More Information: Special Educational Needs

The Team learns...
The Royal Navy actively encourages all its Service people and families to grow through learning and training. This may be through study in an establishment or ship, or even locally on shore. Even if you are thinking of leaving the Navy there are resettlement options available. It's amazing how many different opportunities there are at Base Ports if you ask. You can get a great deal at your local unit too. Whatever your situation, we'll try to steer you in the right direction...

info More Information: Naval Educational Support

math teacherToo high to fly? Well you could but try...
More and more people are entering Higher Education. A Higher Education qualification may be done for personal fulfilment or maybe you're aiming for a more high-powered career. Whatever the reason the opportunity to realise your dreams and stretch your mind to achieve full potential has never been better. These sites make good jumping off points for an academic future. It really is all within your reach!

info More Information: Higher Education

teen sittingBack to the future... 16+ young people
Maybe you are looking on to A levels, AS levels, Highers, Advanced Highers, NVQs, GCSEs or retakes - there are many learning choices open to you, or you may just want to look for a job or apprenticeship, or perhaps just chill. Don't be hurried. Take some time to look at all of your options (you won't be short of advice), and give yourself a good start to 'after school' life.

info More Information: Young People 16+

Schools systems change from country to country in the UK...
The education system differs in each country of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland). Look here to clear up some of the confusion.

info More Information: Schooling Across the UK

Not a way to play, beat the BULLY boys...or girls
If your child is being bullied or you think bullying is going on at school… here is some helpful advice.

info More Information: Bullying

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