18 April, 2009


Understanding Service Separation

woman with laptopThe one you love is away, and you will naturally miss them. This can be especially true if you have moved away from your family to live closer to the port area. However if you do live in a port area you may be able to link in with others in the same situation. This site offers online Forums and Chat Rooms for you to talk to other Service partners if you wish.

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Being separated for long periods of time is bound to have an effect on your relationship with your family and friends. These effects are not necessarily negative, and people have coped with Naval life for hundreds of years. However, understanding why you feel the way you do can often help you deal with the assortment of feelings people often experience.

There are three key stages to separation, where emotions can run wild. These can be seen through a number of signs.

Before leaving:
  • You may feel angry, resentful, or frustrated;
  • You may argue with each other;
  • Cry at certain songs or films;
  • Have problems making decisions.

During absence:

  • Initial relief to have got the goodbyes done;
  • Guilt at feeling relief;
  • Problems sleeping, or sleeping too much;
  • Feeling moody, tearful or low;
  • Unable to concentrate on things and being easily distracted;

couple at boardwalkAfter return:

  • Feeling unsure of each other;
  • Arguing, or not knowing what to say to each other;
  • Feeling unsure about sex.

It is quite natural for you to feel all sorts of emotions on or around separation. Many couples experience these and other emotions.

Why is he going away again?... It's all right for her, she doesn't understand…
Yet another jolly… Leaving me with the kids again!

The important thing is to talk to each other. He won't know how you feel if you don't tell him, and she will never understand the stress you're under if you don't talk. Therefore unless you talk, this will continue to be a problem. Communicating before, during and after a deployment are essential ways to keep a healthy relationship.

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