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International Defence Training (Royal Navy)

Course Standards

English Language
Generally, overseas students will share classes and be expected to attain the same standards as their RN or RM counterparts. Courses are conducted in English, and all students will require a certain International English Language Test Score (IELTS test) before their nomination is accepted. On most of the course pages in this catalogue the required IELTS score is listed. For other courses, IDT(RN) will be able to advise of the expected standard. The IELTS test is available at British Councils in most capital cities around the world. English language training can be provided at Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth or at a range of commercial schools if preferred. Students who choose to attend commercial schools will be expected to make their own arrangements.

Performance on Course
The continuous monitoring of students throughout training enables instructors to identify those who are having problems meeting course standards. On completion of training fi nal reports will be forwarded to the originating authority. The originator will be informed in instances where the student is failing to progress or problems are occurring that could lead to their withdrawal from training. The overseas DA in London will be encouraged to discuss any problems with the student, however the safety of other course members and staff will be the primary consideration.

Student Accommodation
Students will normally be accommodated in Service accommodation alongside their UK counterparts at the appropriate level according to rank. This allows the exchange of professional, social, and individual views and is considered an important and mutually benefi cial part of Naval training. Students who choose to live in private accommodation will be expected to make their own arrangements.
Students on courses longer than six months may bring their spouse and children. They are entitled to apply for a Married Quarter, however, the responsibility of arranging accommodation lies with the Embassy / High Commission (forms are available from IDT(RN)).

Fees and Funding
All UK training must be paid in advance. The normal arrangement is that an invoice will be raised by the Director General Financial Management (DGFM) up to 10 weeks before the start of the course. This will request payment of the course fee and the appropriate messing and accommodation charges. Payment is due to DBA on receipt of the invoice, and is to be paid prior to the delivery or the training.

What does the fee cover?

  • Tuition costs
  • Transport and allowances on visits made as part of the course
  • Medical and dental treatment provided by the UK Armed Forces Medical Services excepting the supply of spectacles, dental bridges or dental appliances
  • The loan of working / protective clothing and kit as necessary for the conduct of the course
  • Messing and accommodation charges (included as a separate part of the quote)

Types of funding

Self funded The country whose personnel are attending the training pay the fee.

Global Conflict Prevention Pools (GCPP) These funds are administered jointly by MOD, FCO & DFID. The course being applied for should comply with the conflict prevention definition.

Only British Defence Attaches/Advisers can can complete GCPP funding applications. Completed forms should be sent directly to the Ministry of Defence for authorisation.

Cancellation charges
Cancellations made within eight weeks of the course commencement may be subject to a charge.

Tailor-made courses
In addition to the Government to Government training, commercially arranged training is also available through the Navy’s commercial partner, Flagship Training Ltd. Special packages can be tailored to the customer’s needs, for instance if the customer requires training related to the purchase of new or surplus UK equipment. Requests may be made through IDT(RN) if preferred, or directly through Flagship using the contact details provided below:

Flagship Training Limited
Shore House
Compass Road
North Harbour
Hampshire PO6 4PR

Phone Icon Phone: 01329 339000   fax (white bg) Fax: 33900

Email Email: marketing@flagshiptraining.co.uk

website Web Site: www.flagshiptraining.co.uk

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