18 April, 2009


Plymouth Royal Navy / Royal Marines Swimming Club

Club Equality and Diversity Policy Statement

The Plymouth RN / RM Swimming Club is fully committed to all equality and diversity policies. The responsibility for ensuring that these policies are followed lies with the chairman of the club, who can call on the services of a trained and qualified diversity advisor.

Equality and Diversity is about treating everybody fairly, with dignity and respect. This covers behaviour to one another as well as procedures involved in the day to day running of the club. Equality and Diversity management is an essential element of good leadership and crucial to developing team cohesion and a comfortable environment in which swimmers can learn and compete. Discrimination and harassment stems from prejudice and everyone has a responsibility to ensure that prejudice does not affect their behaviour towards, or judgement of, others. All unacceptable behaviour will be challenged.

The club has a qualified equality and diversity advisor and he / she will be responsible for advising the club’s committee. The equality and diversity advisor will be involved in induction and ongoing staff training to ensure that the teachers and club officials are fully aware of their responsibilities. The current equality and diversity advisor is Stuart Robertson. Anyone within the club wishing to contact him can do so in complete confidence. Any reported incidents will be logged by the advisor and dealt with once they have been discussed with the people involved.

Mrs Christine Robinson - Club Chairman

Mr Stuart Robertson - Equality and Diversity Advisor

Contact Details

Email E-mail: plymouthrnrm.swimclub@hotmail.co.uk

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