18 April, 2009


Royal Navy Club

List of the Members

The list was corrected on 19th December 2008. Members are asked to advise the Secretary of the Club of any error with their entry.

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1960 Baird Sir Thomas Vice Admiral KCB
1970 Balink-White P A Commander MBE
1986 Bamford R D D Commander
1991 Band Sir Jonathon Admiral GCB ADC
1981 Bannister A J Commodore
2001 Barker D C K Commander
1962 Barrett J A Commander
1989 Barritt M K Captain
1966 Barrow M E Captain CVO DSO
1993 Bartholomew I M Commander
1970 Bathurst Sir Benjamin Admiral of the Fleet GCB
1982 Bawtree R M H Commander OBE
1989 Baxter G F Captain
2005 Beard H D Commander
2002 Beardall M J D Commander
2008 Beattie P S Commander
1996 Beaumont 1 H Captain
1988 Behets B T J Commander
2002 Bell A S Captain
1965 Bell-Davies Sir Lancelot Vice Admiral KBE
2003 Bellfield R J A Commander
1972 Belton C P R Captain
1985 Benbow W K Captain
2008 Bence D E Commander
1993 Bennett A R C Commodore DSC
1998 Bennett P M Captain OBE
1974 Besley D W Commander
1999 Best R R Captain OBE
1981 Best R T N Commander DL
2002 Betton A Commander
1969 Bevan T M Rear Admiral
2001 Bewick D Commander
1977 Bickley M Captain
1983 Billson G K Commodore
1965 Bird L A Captain MVO
1970 Black Sir Jeremy Admiral GBE KCB DSO
1979 Blackburn Sir Tom Vice Admiral CB KCVO
1980 Blackham Sir Jeremy Vice Admiral KCB
2008 Blackmore M S Commander
1974 Blair R N Captain CVO
2002 Blount K E Commander
2000 Blunden J J F Captain LVO
2008 Blythe P C Commander
1993 Boissier R P Vice Admiral CB
2000 Bone D N Commander
1981 Bonner C E G Commander
1987 Booth P S Commander
1986 Bourdillon M C Commander
2003 Bourne C M Commander
1996 Bourne R L Commander
2008 Bower A J Commander
2006 Bower N S Commander
1991 Boxall-Hunt B P Commander OBE
1983 Boyce the Lord Admiral GCB OBE DL
1992 Bramley S Captain
1980 Branscombe P Captain OBE
2003 Breckenridge I G Commander
1982 Brice D J Commodore
2004 Bridger R J Commander
1980 Bridges R A Y Captain
1980 Brigstocke Sir John Admiral KCB
1997 Brocklebank G P Captain
2008 Brooks G L Commander
1978 Brown C D S Captain OBE
1992 Brown D F Commander LVO
1983 Brown E J Commander
1999 Brown H S Captain MBE
2006 Brown P A E Commander
1980 Browne R de F Captain
2008 Bryan R J L Commander
1988 Bryant B W Commodore
1998 Bryning C J Commander
1979 Buchanan M E Commander
1965 Buchanan Sir Peter Vice Admiral KBE
1999 Buckland R J F Commander
2004 Buckley P J A Captain
2002 Burke P D Commander OBE
1974 Burne C P O Captain CBE
1987 Burnell-Nugent Sir James Admiral KCB CBE
2004 Burns A P Commander
1977 Burns B Commodore CBE
2003 Burns D I Commander
1995 Burrows M J Commander
1989 Burston R J K Commander
2004 Burton A J Captain
1983 Bush M E W Commander OBE
1948 Bush Sir John Admiral GCB DSC
1994 Butler N A M Captain
1989 Bywater J Commander

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