18 April, 2009


Royal Navy Club

List of the Members

The list was corrected on 19th December 2008. Members are asked to advise the Secretary of the Club of any error with their entry.

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1987 Ladd M L Captain OBE
1995 Lambert N R Commodore
2004 Lambert P Rear Admiral CB
1968 Lambert R E Captain CBE
1999 Lambourn P N Commander
1995 Lander M C Commander
1990 Lane G B D Commodore
1979 Lane-Nott R C Rear Admiral CB
1982 Lang J S Rear Admiral
1988 Langdon C T Captain
1996 Langhorn N Commander
2005 Langley E S Commander
1976 Larken E S J Rear Admiral DSO
1990 Larmour D R Captain OBE
1989 Laurence T J H Vice Admiral CB MVO
1999 Law A N Commander OBE
1986 Layard Sir Michael Admiral KCB CBE
1985 Le Marchand T M Captain
1957 Leach Sir Henry Admiral of the Fleet GCB
1991 Leaman R D Rear Admiral OBE
1997 Lee D J Captain
1984 Lee J M Commander OBE
1974 Lee T R Captain
1997 Lemkes P D Captain
1987 Lewis D A Commodore CBE
2008 Ley J A Commander
1969 Liardet G F Rear Admiral CB CBE
1988 Lidbetter S Rear Admiral
2003 Lightfoot C D Commander
2000 Lilley D J Captain
2006 Lindsay I G Commander
1988 Lister J A Commander
2003 Lister M Commander
1980 Littlejohns D G Captain CBE
2003 Lloyd P R Captain
2003 Lochrane A E R Commander
1984 Logan W M Commander
2003 Long A D Commander
1978 Longworth B R Captain
1977 Lorimer A H Commander OBE
1979 Loughran T W Rear Admiral CB
1971 Lowe F D Captain
1996 Lowe T M Commodore
2006 Lower I S Commander
2006 Lowther J M Commander

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