Java Sea survivors (standing) Bill Francis, Admiral J Harkness, Steve Cairns and Joe Asher, (seated) Johnny King, Jimmy Hegney, Admiral Sir Peter Anson and Bill Guy pose in the shadow of the 4.5in gun of HMS Exeter Flag seals a six-decade bond

A WHITE Ensign which ‘flew’ on the wreck of HMS Exeter will find peace in the surroundings of the namesake city’s cathedral.

Veterans of the wartime cruiser were invited aboard the present-day destroyer for a final time – the current ship is decommissioning – to receive the treasured flag.

The heavy cruiser took her place along the lions of Royal Navy history thanks to her crucial role in the Battle of the River Plate in 1939.

She survived the heavy ......continued >

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A jet of water from an appreciative tug as HMS Blyth and Ramsey return to the Clyde after two and a half years away. Picture: PO(Phot) Tam Macdonald, FRPU North

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