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Facts and Figures

HMS Ocean Statistics
Displacement: 22,500 tonnes
Length: 203.4m / 667.2ft
Beam: 35m / 114.8ft
Speed: 18 kts
Complement: 285 + 206 Aircrew (Maximum 1275 - made up with Royal Marines)
Armament: 3 x Phalanx (CIWS) 2 x 20mm Close Range guns Passive Decoys
Aircraft/Landing Craft: 12 x Sea King HC4 Medium Support Helicopters 6 x lynx AH7 Helicopters or 15 x Sea Harriers (Ferry Role)
Sensors: Radar 996 (Combined Air/Surface) Radar 1007 (Navigation and Helicopter Control) UAT Electronic Support Measures

2 x Diesel motors, 2 shafts