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    Average pay:
    RN and RM Officers and Ratings Rates of Pay 2008
    Age on entry:
    British or British/ dual citizenship
    No specific qualifications are needed
    Personnel Logisticians can be men or women. However, only men can serve as Personnel Logisticians in the Submarine Service. They must hold full British citizenship.
    Job description

    With anything between 30 and 1,000 people on board, a modern warship or submarine needs very effective administration to keep it running. Personnel Logisticians are the Royal Navy's administrative and accounting staff, and their work is vital to the smooth running of every ship, submarine and air station.

    We offer most people the security of a Full Career, which is 18 years or to age 40, whichever is later. Some people may have the opportunity to serve for longer, depending on their wishes and the needs of the Service. However, if you want to leave the Royal Navy, you can submit 12 months' notice two and a half years after the end end of your initial professional training. The exact length of this training period depends on the particular job you do and the level of training it requires. All new recruits have a right of discharge at 14 days notice after 4 weeks, within the first 6 months of service, regardless of career terms.

    PDF filePersonel Logistician

    On board

    Name: Neil Pinkerton
    Age: 25

    What does a Personnel Logistician actually do?
    You will be responsible for maintaining personnel records, offering guidance about pay and allowances, keeping accounts, providing advice to the command on Naval Law and discipline and up holding good administrative practices.

    Do you work in a positive environment?
    Yes! We're always learning from one another, definitely - it's a really good environment. The Leading Personnel Logistician we've got at the moment, my boss, is really good. If you ask him something, he'll sit you down and explain it to you. We also do training sessions each week, so you pick a subject, learn together and then come back and talk about it with each other. I'm always learning here.

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