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Missiles Away

HMS Kent has just successfully completed a routine test of her Sea Wolf point defence missile system.  The test involves firing live missiles at a target being towed by another aircraft.  Safety is always paramount when weapon systems are exercised, so lots of effort goes into making sure that no other shipping or aircraft are inside the practice area and the towed target is a very long way behind the aircraft.

The Ship fired 2 missiles, each in the air for just seconds before intercepting and destroying the targets.  The test firing demonstrates that Kent’s Sea Wolf capability is up to standard and that she is capable of defending herself when deployed around the World.  It also provides a chance for the operators onboard to practice their drills, for some, it will be the first time they have been part of a live missile firing.

The Weapon Engineer Officer onboard, Lt Cdr Peter Pipkin was delighted with the results, "It is always amazing to see such a complex system in operation, but that ‘s only possible because of the people behind it.  When you see the efforts of the maintainers required to keep these systems at optimum performance levels and the repeated practices of the operators to make sure the drill is correct, you begin to understand how Warships work.  However, the real value for me as the senior weapon engineer onboard is to be able to demonstrate to the Commanding Officer that his systems work correctly and nothing does that better than actually firing them."

HMS Kent is currently conducting a period of Operational Sea Training in preparation for a deployment.  Just as the Sea Wolf firing demonstrates that the weapon system works correctly, OST will test the people and all equipment to ensure that we can tackle anything that Kent might be called upon to do as an operational Warship.

7th Apr 2009

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