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Bulwark's Royal Marines at It Again

Those Royal Marines from HMS Bulwark have been at it again – raising money for their injured colleagues and the charity ‘Help for Heroes’.  Not content to rest on their laurels after last year’s efforts of raising in excess of £10,000 by cycling from the Ship’s homeport of Plymouth to its affiliated County of Durham, the amphibians have decided to stage a pentathlon as the 20,000 tonne Fleet Amphibious Flagship makes its way to the Far East ….and back. 

On Saturday 4th April, 29 members of 4 Assault Squadron Royal Marines, who are the permanently embarked landing force onboard Bulwark, completed rowing the length of the Suez on concept rowing machines.  They completed a total distance of 160km in a time of 10 hrs 4 min 2s – impressive in its own right but more so given the fact it was conducted in temperatures of over 25 degrees

With a team having already circumnavigated Malta on bikes, this was the second event of the 5, the others being cycling the length of the Suez Canal (on the way back to UK), cycle sprint up the rock of Gibraltar and finally - the endurance event – of lifting the equivalent weight of HMS Bulwark in the gym.

With such commitment it is no wonder that HMS Bulwark has recently been bestowed the privilege of being the first armed forces unit to be accorded ‘Service Friend’ status by Help for Heroes.  Bulwark, known as ‘Help for Heroes favorite ship’ is currently deployed East of Suez as part of the TAURUS 09 deployment.

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Bestwick is impressed with his Royal Marine’s dedication to assisting wounded servicemen:

“We hope that the Taurus Pentathlon will help to maintain the high profile which H4H enjoys and in so doing raise even more cash towards their many projects.

Corporal Matthew Lane, the driving force behind the Pentathlon added,

‘With many of our friends and colleagues being injured whilst on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan anything we can do to help them get their lives back on track we will do. Rowing the length of the Suez or cycling around Malta is nothing compared to the sacrifice they have made in the service of their country, they are all heroes to us.”

8th Apr 2009

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