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    Average pay:
    RN and RM Officers and Ratings Rates of Pay 2008
    Age on entry:
    At least 180 UCAS points and 5 GCSEs (A*-C)/ 5 Scottish Standard Grades (1-3)/ equivalent, including English and maths.Not all courses and qualifications, especially those at BTEC or of a more vocational nature, are suitable for inclusion within this 180 points total. Therefore candidates should seek guidance through their Naval Careers Adviser.
    Only men can serve as Warfare Officers in the Submarine Service.
    Job description

    As a Warfare Officer (Submariner) your role will be to make the crucial decisions about your submarine's operation so you can carry out and complete your missions. Being a Warfare Officer (Submariner) will offer you some of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding opportunities in the Royal Navy. But competition for this role is tough - we only take the best.

    Warfare Officer (Submariner) information pack
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    On board

    Name: Chris Dawe
    Age: 23

    What is it like living on a submarine?

    Once you accept that there's limited space, it's not a problem. If you think it's a chore, then it will be a chore. If you think it's something a bit different, you can make of it what you want. Put enthusiasm into it, then it's brilliant.

    What is it like working on a submarine compared to a ship?

    Once you go to sea, whether it's for intelligence gathering or being on patrol, you're not going to sea for some more training, you're doing the real job all the time.

    What are the highlights of the job?

    The people. Everybody works together well on a submarine. Plus, in only four years, I've been to the Baltic, the Mediterranean, the Gulf and the South Atlantic.

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