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Royal NavyRoyal Navy

Naval Units Involved

Active Type 21 Frigate  
Alacrity Type 21 Frigate  
Ambuscade Type 21 Frigate  
Andromeda Leander Class Frigate  
Antelope Type 21 Frigate Lost
Antrim County Class Destroyer  
Ardent Type 21 Frigate  Lost
Argonaut Leander Class Frigate  
Arrow Type 21 Frigate  
Avenger Type 21 Frigate  
Brilliant Type 22 Frigate  
Bristol Type 82 Destroyer  
Broadsword Type 22 Frigate  
Cardiff Type 42 Destroyer  
Conqueror  Nuclear Submarine  
Courageous Nuclear Submarine  
Coventry Type 42 Destroyer Lost
Dumbarton Castle Offshore Patrol Vessel  
Endurance Antarctic Patrol Vessel  
Exeter Type 42 Destroyer  
Fearless Assault Ship  
Glamorgan County Class Destroyer  
Glasgow Type 42 Destroyer  
Hecla Survey Ship – Used As Ambulance Vessel  
Herald Survey Ship – Used As Ambulance Vessel  
Hermes Aircraft Carrier  
Hydra Survey Ship – Used As Ambulance Vessel  
Intrepid Assault Ship  
Invincible Aircraft Carrier  
Leeds Castle Offshore Patrol Vessel  
Minerva Leander Class Frigate  
Onyx Diesel-Electric Submarine  
Penelope Leander Class Frigate  
Plymouth Type 12 Frigate  
Sheffield Type 42 Destroyer Lost
Spartan Nuclear Submarine  
Splendid Nuclear Submarine  
Valiant Nuclear Submarine  
Yarmouth Type 12 Frigate  


Minesweeping Trawlers


Royal Fleet Auxiliaries
Appleleaf Tanker  
Bayleaf Tanker  
Blue Rover Tanker  
Brambleleaf Tanker  
Engadine Helicopter Support Ship  
Fort Austin Stores Replenishment Ship  
Fort Grange Stores Replenishment Ship  
Olmeda Tanker  
Olna  Tanker  
Regent Stores Replenishment Ship  
Resource  Stores Replenishment Ship  
Sir Bedivere Landing Ship  
Sir Galahad Landing Ship Lost
Sir Geraint Landing Ship  
Sir Lancelot Landing Ship  
Sir Percivale Landing Ship  
Sir Tristram Landing Ship  
Stromness Stores Replenishment Ship  
Tidepool  Tanker  
Tidespring Tanker  


Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
Goosander Mooring Vessel
Typhoon Tug


Ships Taken Up From Trade (STUFT)
Alvega Tanker  
Anco Charger Tanker  
Astronomer Aircraft Transport  
Atlantic Causeway Aircraft Transport  
Atlantic Conveyor Aircraft Transport Lost
Avelona Star Stores Ship  
Balder London  Tanker  
Baltic Ferry Troop And Vehicle Transport  
British Avon Tanker  
British Dart Tanker  
British Enterprise III Despatch Vessel  
British Esk Tanker  
British Tamar Tanker  
British Tay Tanker  
British Test Tanker  
British Trent Tanker  
British Wye Tanker  
Canberra  Troop And Vehicle Transport  
Contender Bezant Aircraft Transport  
Eburna Tanker  
Elk Personnel And Vehicle Transport  
Europic Ferry Personnel And Vehicle Transport  
Fort Toronto Tanker  
Ga Walker Tanker  
Geestport Stores Ship  
Iris Cable Ship  
Irishman Tug  
Laertes Stores Ship  
Lycaon Stores Ship  
Nordic Ferry Troop And Vehicle Transport  
Norland Troop And Vehicle Transport  
Queen Elizabeth II Troop And Vehicle Transport  
St Edmund Troop And Vehicle Transport  
St Helena Minesweeper Support Ship  
Salvageman Tug  
Saxonia Stores Ship  
Scottish Eagle Tanker  
Stena Inspector  Repair Ship  
Stena Seaspread Repair Ship  
Tor Caledonia Troop And Vehicle Transport  
Uganda Hospital Ship  
Wimpey Seahorse Mooring Vessel  
Yorkshireman  Tug  


Naval Air Squadrons
737 Wessex helicopters
800 Sea Harriers
801 Sea Harriers
809 Sea Harriers
815 Lynx helicopters
820 Sea King helicopters
824 Sea King helicopters
825 Sea King helicopters
826 Sea King helicopters
829 Wasp helicopters
845 Wessex helicopters
846 Sea King helicopters
847 Wessex helicopters
848 Wessex helicopters
899 Sea Harriers


Main Royal Marine Units
HQ 3 Commando Brigade
40 Commando
42 Commando
45 Commando
Commando Logistic Regiment