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Key Events

HMS Invincible sails from Portsmouth
HMS Ardent on fire in San Carlos Water
Naval Party 8901 (Royal Marines) outside Government House Port Stanley after the surrender
19 March Argentine scrap merchants with servicemen land in South Georgia
2 April Argentina invades Falklands
5 April First Task Force ships leave Portsmouth
25 April South Georgia recaptured
1 May Stanley airfield bombed
2 May Cruiser General Belgrano sunk by nuclear submarine Conqueror
4 May Sheffield attacked by Argentine Exocet air-launched missile
15 May Successful British raid on Pebble Island
21 May Landings at San Carlos – successful but escorts (Ardent and
subsequently Antelope) lost and several others damaged
25 May Coventry and Atlantic Conveyor lost
29 May Argentine surrender at Goose Green
8 June RFAs Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram bombed at Fitzroy
12 June Glamorgan hit by shore-launched Exocet
14 June Argentine surrender at Stanley – Falklands retaken