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The Loss of Sir Galahad

RFA Sir Galahad on fire
RFA Sir Galahad on fire

On 3 June Fitzroy on the south side of East Falkland was occupied.  The campaign on land had been going reasonably well with troops crossing the main part of the island from San Carlos but it was decided to open up a further line of advance from Fitzroy.  In doing this two of the landing ships Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram were sent carrying equipment, ammunition and several military units including part of the Welsh Guards.  On 8 June they were at anchor there in daylight.

Before unloading could be completed the ships were attacked by five Argentine air Force A-4 Skyhawks.  Bomb and cannon hits were taken on both causing fires, worst in Sir Galahad, leading to her being abandoned.  Unfortunately there was heavy loss of life, especially on board Sir Galahad, a total of 50 men killed or missing with more wounded.  It might have been worse without timely rescue efforts by helicopter and boat and rapid medical assistance.

Subsequently Sir Tristram returned to the UK, was repaired and returned to service.  Sir Galahad, more seriously damaged, was taken out to sea and sunk.