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The Harrier is a single seat, multi-role combat aircraft that is capable of operating in extreme environments and from a wide selection of locations.
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The Hawk is used by the Naval Flying Standards Flight (Fixed Wing) and by Fleet Requirements Air Direction Unit to train Fighter Controllers and Pilots, or to simulate enemy aircraft and missiles in attacks against ships.
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The Jetstream is used to train Observers and also for operational support and communications.
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Sea King (ASac)

Airborne Surveillance and Area Control Sea King was rapidly brought into service post the Falklands conflict when it became clear that organic Airborne Early Warning was an essential part of air power at sea
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The Sea King Mk5 is used for search & rescue operations.
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Merlin operates from both large and small ships, in severe weather and high sea states, by day and night.  It is deadly in its primary role of anti-submarine warfare.
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LYNX Mk3 and Mk8

The Lynx is a fast, agile multi-role helicopter that operates from frigates and destroyers.
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The Lynx Mk7 is an attack and utility version.  It operates with the Commando Helicopter Force in reconnaissance and support roles.
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A look at the people who make the Fleet Air Arm tick.
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The Mk4 is the commando version of the Sea King, performing transport and support roles as part of the Commando Helicopter Force.
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