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    Average pay:
    RN and RM Officers and Ratings Rates of Pay 2008
    Age on entry:
    British or British/ dual citizenship
    No specific qualifications are needed
    Warfare Branch Communicator can be men or women. However, only men can serve as Warfare Branch Communicator in Submarine Service. They must hold full British citizenship

    Job description

    Warfare Branch Communicator are at the heart of our communications network, trained to operate all the technology that the Royal Navy relies on to communicate everything from battle orders to weather forecasts and routine requests for supplies.

    We offer most people the security of a Full Career, which is 18 years or to age 40, whichever is later. Some people may have the opportunity to serve for longer, depending on their wishes and the needs of the Service. However, if you want to leave the Royal Navy, you can submit 12 months' notice two and a half years after the end end of your initial professional training. The exact length of this training period depends on the particular job you do and the level of training it requires. All new recruits have a right of discharge at 14 days notice after 4 weeks, within the first 6 months of service, regardless of career terms.

    Warfare Branch Communicator ( Submariner) information pack

    PDF fileDownload the PDF

    Warfare Branch Communicator information pack
    PDF fileDownload the PDF

    On board

    Name: Rachel Bilston
    Age: 17

    What qualities do you need for your job?

    You need to be quite organised. We have to log in all the communications and signals that come in and out. It's much busier at sea when you are listening to the communications between different ships. It's really fast but good fun and I enjoy it. You also have to be very discreet. We are responsible for anything that our ship needs to know from another ship and we have to make sure that the information coming in reaches the right person.

    What was your early training like?

    At first living with 23 other girls took a bit of getting used to! But you make friends for life. You then do six months of professional training and that was intensive but really interesting.

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