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Condor Project

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New Energy Efficient Buildings at RM Condor in Arbroath

The Royal Marines are concerned about protecting the environment and saving energy and have recently completed a project to construct an energy efficient office building at RM Condor in Arbroath.

The new Work Services Manager's building incorporates the following energy saving technology:

· An Ambient Endothermic heating and domestic hot water system. In its most simplistic form, the systems 'harvests' ambient heat from the atmosphere, day and night, and solar radiation (when available) throughout the year. The heat is transferred to thermal stores to provide continuous heating and domestic hot water. The technology utilises heat transfer fluid pumped through hollow aluminium tubing to provide the roof finish. The liquid-filled roof is in thermal contact with the atmosphere, from which it imports solar radiation and ambient heat irrespective of the outside temperature.

· A rainwater harvesting system, supplying water for WC and urinal flushing and cold water taps (non-drinking water). Rainwater draining from the roof is collected and channelled by a series of guttering and drainage pipes into underground storage tanks and filtered before being pumped back up into another storage tank for general use in the building.

· 'Sunpipes', which provide free corridor lighting during hours of daylight. The chromium-plated tube has an internal mirror-finish that diffracts sunlight or natural daylight (even on cloudy days) to a room or area below where the light is evenly diffused by a ceiling fixture.

The solar collector panels are south facing and have been arranged at a steep angle to collect as much solar radiation as possible when the sun is low in the sky during a typical Scottish winter. The thermal stores are buried underground and heat is distributed by way of zoned under-floor pipe work incorporated in the floor screed.

Not only does the heating technology greatly reduce energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions, the rainwater harvesting system reduces 'mains' water consumption to a minimum. Additionally daytime lighting in the corridor is supplied free through the 'Sunpipes'.