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848 Naval Air Squadron

The Royal Navy Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) enjoys a reputation for high standards of professionalism and flexibility and this is in no small part, attributable to the exacting and thorough instruction given by 848 Naval Air Squadron (NAS).

During its 55 year history, 848 Squadron has been disbanded and reformed several times but now has a more permanent standing, having been made the Commando Helicopter Training Squadron, based at the Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton. With a complement of one hundred ratings and thirty officers, the Squadron is responsible for the instruction of up to sixty pilots and aircrewmen each year. Operating the Sea King Mk 4, pilots undertake Advanced Flying Training - how to handle emergencies and how to fly with sole reference to instruments -before crewing up with the aircrewmen, taken from Royal Navy Ratings and Royal Marines, to learn how to operate the aircraft in a tactical environment during operational flying training.

The Squadron also trains more than one hundred and fifty helicopter maintainers annually before sending them to the front line. Aircrew and maintainers receive military and amphibious training and are taught how to operate in the field and from the deck of a ship. 848 NAS is also committed to numerous UK maritime operations and airborne support for the Royal Marines.

Motto: Accipe Hoc "Take that"