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How to join
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Get Fit to Apply

If you are considering a career in the Corps you will be expected to attend a three day assessment at the Commando Training Centre at Lympstone.

Whether you are attending the Potential Royal Marine Course (PRMC) or the Potential Officer Course (POC), you will be tested both physically and mentally to see if you have what it takes to successfully complete the full thirty-two weeks of Commando training.

To help you prepare for the PRMC / POC we have developed an online training tool called Get Fit to Apply.

Launch Fitness Training Programme

Based on your current level of fitness, the tool will create a training programme that is designed to help you pass the PRMC/POC by boosting your fitness and minimising the risk of injuries during the selection process.

You will be shown how to perform specific exercises which have been selected by the Royal Marines Physical Training Instructors. This includes supporting videos from the instructors at Lympstone.

See what you are preparing for

Click on the links below to see what you are getting ready for. They contain videos of the selection process and advice from people who passed.