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3 Commando Brigade

The Royal Marines' 3 Commando Brigade is the Royal Navy's amphibious infantry on permanent readiness to deploy across the globe, and is a core component of the UK's Joint Rapid Reaction Force. Together the Royal Navy's amphibious ships and the Brigade represent a highly mobile, self-sustained and versatile organisation, with a strategic power projection capability that is unique among the British armed services.

Since the end of the Cold War, the outbreak of crises is usually less predictable, and needs to be met by forces that are flexible, highly mobile and capable of a broad spectrum of operations, and which must be capable of contributing to Alliance and multi-lateral commitments as well as national needs.

Based mainly in the south-west of England, 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines stands in constant readiness to move anywhere in the world to meet emergencies which threaten Britain's vital security interests, and those of its allies. As the landing force of the nation's amphibious force, it provides a unique national capability: independently or as an integrated part of a maritime contribution to a joint force. It has utility in all phases of a campaign, from benign presence to the conduct of forced theatre entry combat operations.