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Role of Commando Training Centre

Role of Commando Training Centre (1)Completing the Dartmoor 30-Miler, the final Commando Test The Royal Marines Commando Training Centre is administered by a structured organisation of 3 training wings which are supported by the Training Support Department (TSD) and, focus on training policy whilst the Corps Colonel ensures that standards of Recruit and Officer selection are maintained. In addition the command element must adopt cost effective budget policies and procedures.

The 3 training wings cover the areas of recruit training, officer training, infantry support training, command courses for Non Commissioned Officers and specialist training for signallers and clerks. These comprehensive courses are fundamental to maintaining the continuity of standards within the Royal Marines.

Each of the 3 wings is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel who is responsible, through Director of Training, to the Commandant. The Commandant is the budget holder and directly responsible for the allocation of departmental funding to the Training Wings to meet the annual training targets delegated to Lympstone.

Role of Commando Training Centre (2)Gasping for air, The 'Sheep-Dip' a totally submerged tunnel on the Endurance Course one of the Commando Tests The Commandant is assisted in his management by a deputy, who as well as being the second-in-command is the legal 'Commanding Officer', responsible for such matters as the day to day administration of the base, discipline of troops and the security of the complex and outside training areas used by the Training Wings.

All Royal Marines return to Lympstone many times as they progress through their career. From the Potential Royal Marine Course (PRMC) to Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM), from Potential Officers Courses (POC) to Commandant they will return to Lympstone. Equally they will attend specialist qualification courses at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) to improve their military skills.

Facilities at Lympstone are wide ranging. They include, a first class gymnasium complex and swimming pool for combat swimming tests, an indoor range simulator incorporating the latest laser technology, a nearby 300 metre rifle range to assist Recruits in their shooting skills and on site training areas within the 95 acre base. In addition CTCRM has access to 2,500 acres of nearby Woodbury Common, as well as the training areas of Dartmoor and others in Wales and Scotland.

Role of Commando Training Centre (3)Recruits de-bus from the 'Viking' during Exercise Devon Leap The combination of management and infrastructure oversees the training of, on average, 1,200 recruits per year, as well as 2,000 potential recruits who will attend acquaint courses and 400 potential officers. In addition the Training Wings run upwards of 320 courses a year for a further 2,000 students.

Royal Marines Training Course

Training Support Department

TSD is responsible for ensuring that all training at CTCRM effectively prepares personnel for their jobs in the Corps. Additionally TSD continually monitors, evaluates and influences the extent to which training objectives are reached in relation to the expenditure of resources.

TSD is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel and is organised into three departments; Training Management, Education and Staff Training and Training Resources. The primary responsibility of the TSD is to oversee the management of training, ensuring a standardisation of policy throughout the Centre.

The Training Management Department coordinates the training schedules for all Wings, evaluates and maintains the quality of training and designs the training for new courses or alterations to existing courses.

The Education Department runs educational and current affairs training for Recruits and Young Officers. It also runs a range of personal development courses for trained ranks such as; GCSEs, administering NVQs resettlement courses and computer based Interactive Learning.

The Training Resources Department provides graphics support to all Wings for the benefit of Staff and trainees. The department has a training aids library, photographic section, reprographics section and illustrators. It is also responsible for managing and allocating to other units the Woodbury Common Training Area (WCTA) and Straight Point Ranges.