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Parents & Guardians

Parents and GuardiansThis section will enable your parents to answer any queries they may have about you becoming a Royal Marines Commando. They can also get a glimpse of what your life will be like while you are still in training and once you have become a Royal Marine Commando - ranging from the care and support you will receive as a recruit to your career progression, and continuing education while you are serving in the Corps.

Parent 1 (Mrs ST from Liverpool)

When my son first told me he was joining the Royal Marines I was very nervous for him. I had heard about the Royal Marines on the news and knew that they had been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Luckily my son did a lot of research on the subject and found out exactly what he would be asked to do. This eased my mind slightly knowing that he knew what he was getting in to. Once he joined up and started his training at the Commando Training Centre we visited him on Families' Day and learnt all about his training - what he would be likely to do once he left training; and about how the Marines really look after their own. The facilities at the Commando Training Centre were first rate and I got a really good feeling that my son would be looked after and very well fed.

We visited the Commando Training Centre again when my son completed his training. There was a full day dedicated to his troop and their Pass Out. Everyone made it feel really special and I was so proud of him for completing such a challenging course. During this last visit I received lots of information on who I can get in touch with when/if he goes to Afghanistan. Also, how my son will stay in touch with our family and his girlfriend.

I managed to see my son quite a few times during his ten months at the Commando Training Centre. I feel becoming a Royal Marine has improved him as a person - he is much more respectful, thoughtful and confident in himself and his abilities.

Parent 2 (Mr AK from Plymouth)

When my son told me he wanted to join the Royal Marines I had my reservations. I had a few mates who had been in the Services and they reassured me that it was a good choice and that it is a good career for a young lad.

Before he signed up we both went along to a 'meet the Marines day' and talked to a few Marines at the local County Show. They told us what they had done and how much they enjoyed the job and the lifestyle that it gave them. This reinforced my son's desire to join and after he had passed the Potential Royal Marines Course, he joined a month or so later.

We visited him during his time in Lympstone and went to the Families' Day after a few weeks. Here we had a good chat to his Section Commander and the Sergeant. Both were really nice people and set my mind at rest that they were doing their best to get him through the training. They had all been through it themselves and knew what the recruits were going through. I found the Families' Day really good; everyone seemed very professional and focused.