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Another Brazilian Stop for Largs


After a 10 day passage from the Falklands Recife proved a welcome rest stop for Largs Bay. Although it is the fourth-largest city in Brazil, it is less modern and cosmopolitan than its more famous counterparts. Recife's name was derived from the Portuguese word for reef. Recife is a major port city, high rises, colonial churches, and markets quilt the city with a mix of old and new. We were also lucky enough to enjoy the carnival.

The city came alive with colour and sound as locals took to the streets to celebrate. We were made to feel welcome by the locals and many took time to sit and chat often enticing us to join in the parades.  With the sound of the Brazilian samba ringing in our ears we are now on our way to Curacao. 

It is not all rest and play as our port visit gave us chance to catch up on some much needed maintenance. The sea voyages also mean that we can keep up to date with our training – flying ops, fire exercises and steering gear drills helping to keep our minds on the tasks at hand.

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