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Four Bay Class Large Amphibious Landing Ships have been ordered with the LSD(A) construction programme well advanced. 

The new ships displace 16,100 tonnes and replace RFAs Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram. Compared to their predecessors they carry more than twice as many vehicles and embarked troops. Using their stern dock for landing craft and flight deck for helicopters, they are able to offload in rougher weather twice as quickly.

The flight deck can accommodate two Merlin or Chinook helicopters, and a hanger could be fitted in future if required. The ships can carry an Embarked Military Force of 356 troops and large numbers of vehicles, although this can be increased to 500 using undesignated space.

The ships are able to position themselves dynamically using a bow thruster and their steerable azimuth thrusters to discharge equipment without the need to anchor. The previous RFA Landing ships were designed to run up on a beach to discharge their cargo of men and vehicles.

The Bay Class are designed to operate over the horizon using helicopters and landing craft through a floodable stern dock to get men and equipment ashore.

Bay Class Auxiliary Landing Ship Statistics
Length: 176 metres
Beam: 26.4 metres
Beam, inc Mexeflotes: 32.2 metres
Approx deep draught: 5.8 metres
Displacement: 16,160 tonnes
Speed: 18 knots (Maximum)
Complement: Approx 60 RFA personnel
Military Lift  
Troops: 356
Landing Craft: 2 x LCPV or 1 x LCU Mk10
Mexeflotes (powered rafts): 2 (Transported fixed to hull sides)
Vehicle deck: Approx 1200 linear metres
Aviation facilities: Chinook capable flight deck
Armament: Self defence capability Military communications package