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How to join
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Royal Marines Training Centre

Royal Marines Training Centre (1)Cliff Assault The Royal Marines training is the longest basic infantry training programme of any NATO combat troops.

The CTCRM Mission Statement:
To deliver commando trained marines, commanders and specialists ready for operations whilst supporting the Front Line.

The Royal Marines is the only Service in which officers and recruits are trained at the same place, The Commando Training Centre Royal Marines Lympstone, and undergo the same physical tests.

Training Outputs

Command Wing

  • RMYO (Incl Senior Corps Commission)
  • RSM & WO1
  • Advanced Command Course (WO2)
  • Senior Command Course (Including Reserves and Band)
  • Junior Command Course (Including Reserves and Band)

Commando Training Wing – Ph 1 & 2

  • Royal Marines Recruits – Including Hunter Company (Remedial)
  • All Arms Commando Course
  • Royal Marines Reserves, RN Military Awareness Course, Cadets

Specialist Wing

  • Infantry Support Company – Mortars, Machine Gun, Anti-Tank, Physical Training Instructors, Snipers, Assault Engineers, Drill Leaders, Platoon weapons
  • Signal and Clerk Company – Signallers, Clerks, Stores Accountants, Combat Intelligence
  • Mountain Leader and ISTAR Company – Mountain Leaders
  • Armoured Support Company – VIKING (Off-Site)

Royal Marines School of Music (RMSoM) – Off-Site

  • Non-Training Output
  • Corps Colonel – RM Selection and Recruiting
  • Potential Officers Course (Pre-AIB)
  • Potential Royal Marines Course
  • Look at Life, Teachers Acquaints
  • RM Visibility, RM Recruiting, RMVCC
  • Support to Training Policy Development
  • Support to the Front Line (3 Cdo Bde RM+)
  • Augmentees to Operations
  • Training Support
  • Defence Diplomacy
  • Marksmanship Training Team
  • Speialist Branch Advisors
  • Corps Library
  • RM Vide Production Unit
  • RM Band Lympstone

Royal Marines Regimental Focus:
The potential Royal Marine first sees CTCRM as a civilian; he is commando trained here, he returns in every rank for command training and much of his specialist training

The best commando training centre in the world efficiently delivering marines, commanders and specialists ready for operations