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About Young Officers

Becoming an Officer in the Royal Marines is one of life's greatest achievements. Getting to the stage where you become privileged to command a Troop of Royal Marines Commandos takes courage, determination, intelligence, endurance and above all, a powerful 'State of Mind'.

These five men are currently in the middle of their Young Officer training at the world-class Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, in Lympstone Exmouth.

Alex Hibbert - A truly accomplished explorer, Alex led the longest, fully-unsupported polar expedition in history. He achieved this aged just 23 years old. A biology graduate, Alex has a number of hobbies one being photography. This private passion, gave rise to the opportunity of photographing Grey Wolves in the wilds of the USA.

Nick Hill - It wasn't until Nick was studying engineering at university that he first considered a military career. The physical challenge appealed to Nick who has played competitive sport at the highest level, representing Great Britain in under-23 rowing competition.

Luke Wheeler - A keen sportsman (rowing and rugby) with a Masters degree in Maths, Luke had his first taste of the military lifestyle in the Officers' Training Corp at university. He's an avid music fan and still plays the bass guitar.

Andy Jones - Andy has taken a commission from the General Duties ranks of the Royal Marines. Andy first joined the RM as an Ordinary Rank and has served around the world. After returning from Afghanistan, he decided to apply for a Commission within the Corps. He successfully passed his AIB and POC selection and is now in Officer Training. His travels have given him a real appetite for global adventure.

'Sandy' Sandiford - By the age of 15, Sandy was already certain that he wanted to become a Royal Marines Officer. This isn't surprising as Sandy grew up near the Commando Training Centre. Being part of the local community, he has had regular contact with members of the Corps, both old and new. He is a keen football fan and is hoping to convert the other Young Officers to his way of thinking.

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Name: Young Officers
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Position: Young Officer Training

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Pay Bracket: 14k - 23k
Current Post: Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, Lympstone