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HMS Endurance Useful Weblinks

If you have enjoyed looking at this website and have a further interest in Antarctica and HMS Endurance, you might like to try the following weblinks:

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) The BAS is based in Cambridge. This site provides a rich and well-illustrated source of information about Antarctica, The Antarctic Treaty and living and working there. HMS Endurance supports BAS Field Scientists in and around South Georgia and Antarctica using the ship, her helicopters and her boats. Click on British Antarctic Survey 2

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) The UKHO is based in Taunton. This is the world-renowned centre for the production of Admiralty Charts and associated navigation products. HMS Endurance's survey tasking, known as Hydrographic Instructions or HI's, are set by the UKHO and she renders her surveys to the National Hydrographer who is based here. Click on: UK Hydrographic Office 2

Endurance 'Tracking Project' HMS Endurance contributes regular updates to this project, which is an educational resource website that provides further links to science, geography and history associated with the places she visits and works. It is a popular site and source of information for schools and projects. Click on: HMS Endurance Tracking Project pages

The James Caird Society The James Caird is the 23 foot whaler in which Sir Ernest Shackleton and 5 of is men sailed from Elephant Island to South Georgia in his epic open boat voyage of 800 miles to secure rescue services in his 1914-16 expedition. The boat is preserved now in Dulwich College which is his old school in South London. The boat is named after Sir James Key Caird, a Dundee jute manufacturer and philanthropist, whose generous gift financed the original Endurance expedition. Today, HMS Endurance carries a Survey Motor Boat named James Caird, and other boats named Stancomb Wills and Dudley Docker which were also boat names in the original Endurance. Our other Survey Motor Boat is called Nimrod which also has an association with Shackleton and we have yet another boat - The 'Captain's Boat' called Eddie Shackleton. HMS Endurance's links with Shackleton are also apparent in the ship's motto is that of the Shackleton family - 'By Endurance we conquer'.

The James Caird Society, established in 1994, is the only institution that exists to preserve the memory, and commend the outstanding qualities of leadership associated with the name of Sir Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922). Click on: Dulwich College

South Georgia HMS Endurance assisted the Government of South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands with the production of a website that was constructed by a team from Dundee University under a project entitled 'Atlantis'. This is an informative and lavishly illustrated site all about South Georgia, its whaling history of the past, and the abundant wildlife that lives there today. It is an island just 120 miles by 30 mile with a 9000-foot mountain range along its spine, yet it is home to 20 million penguins, 12 million seabirds and 500,000seals. The website also includes a special section aimed at children. Click on: Offical South Georgia Island Website

Falkland Islands HMS Endurance is a frequent visitor to the Falkland Islands on her way south, between each work period in South Georgia and Antarctica, and before she returns home. She also carries out survey work and support to the Falklands Islands Government during these periods. The Falklands Islands also has abundant wildlife and rich natural beauty. Click on: Falklands Island Conservation