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Captain Gavin Pritchard Royal Navy

Captain Gavin Pritchard Royal Navy
Captain Gavin Pritchard Royal Navy

Born in Dundee in 1964 and educated at The High School of Dundee and Stewart’s Melville College in Edinburgh, Gavin Pritchard joined the Royal Navy in 1982.  After initial training, he volunteered for submarines qualifying in 1986 and, from then until 1995, undertaking a succession of warfare appointments in the submarines Churchill, Otus, Talent, Turbulent and Tireless. 

He qualified as a Principal Warfare Officer in 1996 winning the Martin Bonniwell Trophy and the Ogilvy Medal, thereafter serving as the Operations Officer in HMS Boxer  - this appointment included a 6-month deployment to the Caribbean for counter-drug operations.  In 1998 he joined the Operations Division of the Fleet Headquarters, planning and executing UK maritime special operations. 

Promoted to Commander in 2000, he moved to the Ministry of Defence, Whitehall working on strategic level maritime planning and crisis management.  In 2003 he returned to the Fleet Headquarters as the anti-submarine warfare capability manager.  In 2005, he lived in Toronto as the UK student on the Canadian Advanced Military Staff Course. 

He commanded the Type 23 Frigate HMS Kent from January 2006 until September 2007.  Spent almost entirely at sea, his time in HMS Kent included a 6-month operational deployment to the Gulf region as well as defence diplomacy visits to 14 countries.  He then commanded HMS Argyll, also a Type 23 Frigate, from September 2007 until May 2008.  This period was also almost entirely at sea and included another 6-month deployment to the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean regions. 

After a short spell ashore as the Warfare Commanders’ Career Manager, he took command of HMS Endurance in October 2008.