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The training at HMS Raleigh was a great experience; I was given a basic insight into the Royal Navy, from Sea survival to Parade Training,
I was taught how to maintain and look after my kit and also how to keep myself fit and healthy with regular physical training
Another aspect of Sea Survival was the Damage Repair Instruction unit.  This simulates a compartment hit by a missile and water pouring in.  We had to block the holes and organise pumping gear to remove the water.  Extremely hard work but great fun.  A great leadership test?

I recently attended HMS Raleigh to conduct my 2 weeks Royal Naval Reserve basic training.  I was slightly apprehensive although as an Ex Royal Naval Submariner I basically knew what to expect.  I left the Royal Navy 12 years ago but missed the comradeship so much I decided to join the Reserves.

If the assault course never tested our nerve then the swimming pool certainly did!  

Overall my 2 weeks at HMS Raleigh have been extremely eventful, never a dull moment.  Not only have I had the opportunity to meet developed friendships with other reservists from all over the country but, I have returned to my civilian employment with a greater understanding of the Royal Navy, much fitter and with many new skills that will benefit my current employer