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  • Battle of the Atlantic Dinner
    Logistician Nikki Hopkins of Northwood’s Royal Naval Reserve Unit, HMS Wildfire, meets the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band, at the Battle of the Atlantic Dinner on 25 February 2009.
  • Sailor's Grandson to Be Cardiff City Mascot for Last Game of the Season
    Jayden Morgan (4), grandson of Petty Officer Paul Rabone (50), has been selected to be the Cardiff City Mascot for the final league home fixture of the season..
  • Silver Bronze And Tumbles For Cambria Snowboarders
    Learning to snowboard is challenging enough, but mastering the skills in just 4 days so that you can throw yourself down a slope in a full on competitive race takes a lot of determination courage and personal motivation.
  • Cambria on Target in Switzerland
    Four members of HMS Cambria Ship’s Company; Petty Officer Steve Evans (TAWE) Leading Seaman Bill Palmer, Leading Seaman Stephen Drew and Able Seaman Natalie Morgan (TAWE) joined other reservists from HMS King Alfred (Portsmouth) and HMS President (London) to represent the Royal Naval Reserve..
  • Leg waxing for Heroes
    HMS Flying Fox hosted an event with a difference as Liz Farrell, a former Petty Officer at HMS Flying Fox, who served 24 years in the medical branch organised a leg waxing evening to raise money for the force charity Help for Heroes.
  • Naval Reservist Helps Helmand Become the Breadbasket of Afghanistan
    Royal Naval Reservist Leading Hand Richard Byrne is currently deployed to Afghanistan where he is putting his expertise in agricultural development to work for Helmand's farmers.  
  • Medals and Trophies Presented In HMS Cambria
    At the recent Captains Divisions (ceremonial parade) held in HMS Cambria the Voluntary Reserve Service Medals (VRSM) was presented to the Commanding Officer,..
  • Naval Reservist Sows the Seeds of Helmand's Farming Future
    A Senior Lecturer in agricultural development in his day job, a Royal Naval Reservist currently deployed to Helmand is advising Military Stabilisation Teams on what crops can be grown,..
  • Krista Back From Bahrain Deployment
    Lieutenant Krista Hodkinson a Royal Naval Reservist for over ten years has recently returned home following a 5 month operational deployment in Bahrain..
  • Record year for Operational Honours at HMS Forward
    HMS Forward Royal Naval Reserves Unit based in Birmingham has seen a record number of operational medals awarded to serving members deployed as part of either Operation Telic or Operation Herrick.