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The Atlantic Patrol Task (North) [APT(N)] ship is the UK’s maritime contribution to the Caribbean and North Atlantic area. There are a considerable number of UK Overseas Territories, Commonwealth countries and other friendly nations in this region, and the ship not only acts as a reassuring presence to these countries but also as a deterrent to potential aggressors who may wish to threaten UK interests.

In recent years the [APT(N)] ship has played an important humanitarian role in response to the natural disasters, especially hurricanes, that are prevalent in this region. Additionally, counter drugs operations have also become a military task. The [APT(N)] ship, working alongside the US Coastguard and the Royal Netherlands Navy, makes a major contribution to the UK’s counter drugs initiatives.

As a result, of these wide-ranging duties, the Atlantic Patrol Task concept was developed to allow a more flexible set of tasking priorities. One Destroyer or Frigate Guardship is present in the Caribbean for much of the year, including throughout the hurricane season, with a vessel earmarked to deploy at a maximum of 14 days notice for the rest of the year. Much of the time on station is spent on counter drug operations.

Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1)
The Standing NATO Response Force Maritime Group 1, previously known as NATO Standing Naval Force Atlantic – STANAVFORLANT, is a permanent peacetime multinational naval squadron composed of destroyers, cruisers and frigates from the navies of various NATO nations. 

A weekly update of ships deployed to the North Atlantic can be found on the Fleet Deployments page.